Thursday, January 11, 2007

Democratic National Convention to Denver

I was extremely relieved to see the DNC award the 2008 convention Denver. It is about time that either party decided to have a convention in the Mountain West. Colorado's transition to a bluer state has been no accident; it was an investment of money, time, and people into reforming the media structure, recruiting good candidates, a strong field operation, and long-term (more than one election) planning for victory. Utah Democrats (and obviously Republicans) have something to learn from this model, and we should be working hard to export it. However, it will take Utah’s donor community to finally stand up and make some substantial investments into the same sort of operations with which Colorado’s progressive community successfully experimented.

I am going to seriously think about how I can get to be a delegate.

DNC—The 2008 Democratic National Convention: Denver, CO

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