Thursday, January 11, 2007

Link of the Day: Best mash-ups of '06

While I am not a huge fan of every mash-ups, I think some of them are pretty good and inventive combinations of artist who would never collaborate in real life. I extend this link, which has already been boing-boinged, to a list of what some are releasing as the best mash-ups of 2006. An interesting addition was that of Arty Fufkin; I don't know if it is the same as the DJ on X96, but I doubt it could be anyone else, since he is an actual mixing DJ.

Some of the songs I don't care for because either one artist or both are bad and the combination of the two promises hell. Who I am avoiding and why:

Lady Sovereign—British rap? No one can beat Mark Morrison, so don’t try. Still waiting for the Mack to return. Anybody else?

Madonna—Not worth my time to explain.

Justin Timberlake—Not even Siouxsie & the Banshees can help.

Fergie vs. Cake—I want to seem them fight in a real-life celebrity death-match, not a mash-up.

Bon Jovi vs. George Michael—I had an idea of what to say here, but it looked too homophobic for my tastes. I’ll just say they should both go away.

*A warning that the lyrics on some songs are mature, so read who you are downloading.


Arty Fufkin said...

Hi there - came across this because someone else mentioned Artie Fufkin the radio DJ - that's not me. I am Arty Fufkin the mashup DJ. Seems we both stole the same name from the character in Spinal Tap. In Spinal Tap it is actually spelled Artie. So there you go. Different Fufkins.

Davis Didjeridu said...

Odd coincidence; Artie Fufkin on the radio recently started a daily feature on his show called his "4 o'clock Mash-up." I haven't listened too intently because I have usually been busy at 4 PM, but I don't think he has put on his own work, or yours for that matter.