Monday, January 15, 2007

Utah Blogosphere Activity

Tyler Farrer at Davis County Watch made an interesting post on the status of the local blogosphere in Utah. He made some salient points, but I disagree with some of his conclusions. I appreciate those who do confine their blogging to local issues, because there are a depth of issues on the local level that many people, citing voting turnout during local elections, don’t seem feel are worth concern. I hope to have posts soon on the Davis County tax increase and the Bountiful skate park issue soon. Despite my political differences with Mr. Farrer, I expect we would most likely agree on many local political issues, though we may disagree on specific candidates in local politics.

I agree that many Utah bloggers have very little influence on national political issues. I also agree that some Utah bloggers spend too much time talking about national issues. The difference between my blog and others, I hope, will be that I will attempt to localize the national issues. I hope to point out when our local political leaders make statements of national importance or discuss national or international issues they have no business discussing. Greg Hughes’ talking on Take Two on Iraq yesterday is an example.

I do hope for the same camaraderie on local issues that Mr. Farrer writes about in his post. I do not believe that we need to engage in flame-wars and ad-hominem attacks with local bloggers in the same way that perhaps other states have let their political blogosphere devolve into. I believe more activities like Ryan Money’s Utah Bloggers Conference are important to ensure we see more than just the words of bloggers, but their faces, families, and friendliness.

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Tyler Farrer said...

Well, I'd say we agree about quite a lot...on this topic.

Just kidding. We have a lot in common. I served a mission in Australia, as did my wife. She was in Melbourne, and I in Brisbane.

Good luck in your blogging, and I look forward to your opinions.