Saturday, February 24, 2007

Daily Kos GOP Cattle Call—Anti-Mormon Bias?

As has been noted before, I don’t really care for the Presidential campaign of former Governor Romney. However, Saturday night’s “GOP Cattle Call 2008” on left me disturbed as to why seemingly intelligent people think individuals must abandon personal faith to obtain political office.

Unfortunately, unless he sheds his Mormonism along with his gay-loving, pro-choice social views, I can't see him going anywhere.

Why does he have to abandon Mormonism to get the Republican nomination? I was surprised to see a GOP cattle call on dailykos at all, let alone on the front page. However, I feel this post illustrates one of two things, perhaps both: Democratic political operatives are real novices at understanding Republican political feeling; and/or this poster has no idea about the beliefs or practices of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Trapperjohn is not really different from the hundreds of other ignorant, willfully or not, individuals who want to write off Romney simply because of his faith. I am perfectly fine with writing him off because of his flip-flop, flim-flam political principles, but not just because of his religion.

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Bob said...

It may have had more to do with the anti-mormon bias within the Republican party than with the anti-Mormon philosophy of the author.