Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Live Blogging Senate Ed Committee Hearing HB 148

2:40 PM—Arrive, room not nearly as full as during House Ed Com Hearing.

2:55 PM—In response to Sen. Stephenson’s questions about how the program will be awarded by lottery, Urquhart isuses his first condescendingly arrogant remark, saying: “What other ways could we award it? Good looks?”

3:04 PM—Stephenson asserts the fastest growing school districts should be supporting this bill. Pained laughter from some, especially Granite EA reps.

3:09 PM—Sen. Jones challenges Urquhart to support the hypothesis that class sizes will be reduced by HB 148’s impact.

3:10 PM—Sen. Bramble softballed Urquhart with question about reducing class sizes should be the primary goal of public education.

3:15 PM--3:42 PM—Public Comment; I stood in line and was able to contribute some of the thoughts I have recently published here. Some comments were valid, some were very off topic, including one parent of a Carson Smith Scholar who didn’t really make much of argument for a new voucher program, in my opinion. Though there were a few left to speak on the topic, Sen. Dayton cut off public comment; in my opinion, I think she saw more people were ready to speak against it this time.

3:43 PM—Bramble moves to pass. Jones, Romero speak against.

3:47 PM—Stephenson: “Freedom works every time it is tried.” Just not for pregnant women. It has also worked so well in Iraq.

3:51 PM—Vote 7-2 favorably out of committee. Only Jones and Romero voted nay.

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