Monday, February 19, 2007

Trailer Prejudice: Simpsons Movie

Last night was the first funny Simpsons episode this season. I am guessing that most of the humor was due to Eric Idle's involvement/mere presence. The prevailing assumption, which I subscribed to until last night, is that this season's episodes are sub par because the writers are focused on the movie. However, last night's trailer, posted above, is not promising.

This leaves me thinking the trailer's producers have never actually watched the show. This and the previous trailer have not even reached the level of the TV promos, which usually (not always) give an effective tease. I feel like they are overselling the plot, which, according to the trailer, does not look that great. I remain excited for the film and will probably see it, but I hope that these previews are merely deceiving us and that they in no way resemble the actual film. If I was the Fox marketing department, I would stick with the original short trailer. KISS, piffy & succinct, "Simplify, Simplify," whatever anecdote you want to use, that's my advertising philosophy.

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