Sunday, February 25, 2007

TV Review: 1/2 Hour News Hour is 1/2 Hour Too Long

One of the things I try to do with both TV shows and political statements is actually taking the time to find out what is going on. For example, I did read, several times, HB 148 and still found it a horrible bill with major problems which will actually hurt children in Utah.

Tonight I put this ethic to work by watching Fox News Channel's 1/2 Hour News Hour. I can honestly say the last time I was this disgusted was when I saw the Zapruder film. It was absolutely disgusting, not funny, insulting, and stupid.

In case you didn't know, the show is supposedly the conservative response to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. It is produced by Joel Surnow, one of the men behind 24, which I have been a huge fan of, despite it's potentially conservative political philosophy. That's for another post.

The whole format of the show reminds me of the current two-host format of Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" in that the actors (they are not hosts) try to sell the stories too hard and it is just not funny.

Another constant annoyance was the laugh track. I firmly believe I heard the same "yeah!" six times during the broadcast.

My main problem with the show, though, is that it is unnecessary. TDS and TCR are not conservative by any means, but I don't think they are all that liberal either. Watching Jon Stewart interview Tom Vilsack, Joe Biden, or John Edwards, I feel he is just as tough on them as on Bill Kristol, Dan Barlett, or Bill O'Reilly. Colbert is just as tough on the Republican Representatives on "Better Know a District" as the Democrats. After all, it was Barney Frank who was mad after his segment, and Nancy Pelosi who was actively discouraging the caucus from appearing.

In summary, the 1/2 Hour News Hour sucks and I will not waste my time watching this crap. Not while TDS and Colbert are nos. 1 and 2 on my Tivo's season pass. Thank goodness I still had Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job on my Now Playing List tonight.

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