Thursday, February 1, 2007

Want to buy a legislator? Urq was only $3k last year

It is one of the more shameful aspects of our political system, that government officials can be literally boughton the local, state, and national level. There is no better example this year then that of Steve Urquhart. He has whored (and I use that term meaningfully) himself out to Parents for Choice in Education. My frustration with the whole debate on HB 148 that he is completely unwilling to accept any amendment, accept that any opposing arguments have merit, etc. On Tuesday, during questioning by Representative Kory Holdaway in the Education Committee, Urquhart dismissed his colleague's legitimate concerns as "silly." Similar rhetoric was uttered on tonight's KSL newscast.
I am grateful, though, that some legislators cannot be bought, no matter what the amount. These legislators made the choice, early on in their careers, that their votes and their positions were not for sale. Unfortunately, it appears that Urquhart, Curtis, Greg Hughes, and others have not yet made that decision and are willing to sacrifice their values on the altar of political expediency and personal enrichment.


Eric Hamilton said...

Have you read the bill? Did you watch the newscast? This isn't going to take money from public schools. Actually, funding per pupil in the public schools will increase as parents opt to send children to private schools, because the schools will still be getting partial credit for the child, even though they won't have the expense of educating him.

In other states, voucher programs have actually increased funding and enrolment in public schools. Up until this blogswarm prompted me to get educated, I was somewhat on the fence about this issue, but the more I learn about it, the more I favor the idea of vouchers.

Davis Didjeridu said...

I never said that HB 148 would take money from the Education Fund specifically, because it obviously doesn't. However, your logic that funding per pupil will rise with vouchers is wrong because of the fact that such funding will eventually disappear until HB 148.
I would like to know where you got your information on increased funding and enrollment in other states voucher programs. I have not found that in the research I have done.

Anonymous said...

Kory Holdaway is cheaper. He was bought for $1093.71 by the UEA. I think that is a bigger bargin.

And guess what, Steve voted for the voucher bill in the past.

Davis Didjeridu said...

I am not so naive as to believe that there are those who are against vouchers because of campaign contributions on the other side. However, if you listen to Rep. Holdaway's remarks today in the House during the debate, you will see why he voted the way he did.
If it were up to me, I would rather have public financing and get rid of the appearance of evil.

steve u. said...

Comments that the bill might violate equal protection requirements are silly. There are constitutional issues in play, but not equal protection.

Say what you want, but my constituents overwhelmingly support school choice. Maybe that came into play a bit.