Monday, February 19, 2007

Will Utah Media Cover Every Presidential Candidate’s Visit?

Today, many Utah media outlets have reported about Gov. Romney’s imminent visit to Salt Lake City. They have also discussed yesterday’s incident at the religious broadcasters convention in Florida. Both of these are newsworthy events, and I commend the media for combining both events in a single, larger story.

I have also been pleasantly impressed with much of the local media’s coverage of presidential announcements. They have covered almost all of the major party candidate announcements. However, I remain worried that when/if other candidates visit Utah, they will not receive the same amount of local coverage. This goes for all candidates from both parties; I hope John McCain gets the same coverage as Bill Richardson, Mitt Romney, Dennis Kucinich, Sam Brownback, or others. I know I will be watching; I hope others join me.

KSTU: 'Smooth Talker' Romney To Seek Utah Support

KSL: Bridging the Gap Between Different Faiths

KUTV: Mitt Romney Headed Back to Utah…for Money

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ChssAddct said...

You write, "This goes for all candidates from both parties;"

I ask, why shouldn't it go for all candidates from ALL parties, not just "both" meaning the largest two. Should a Libertarian, Green, Independant, Constitution, Personal Choice, Taxpayers, or other party candidate come visit Utah, I think they should get media coverage.

As long as we're calling for fairness, let's call for complete fairness.