Friday, March 2, 2007

Blog-a-palooza for SarahBellum!?

I just heard about this on the news and thought we could use it to generate broader media support for Sarah’s struggle. Fox 13 is hosting a “Blog-a-palooza” tonight at the Raw Bean Coffee House in downtown SLC. Now normally I would avoid this event for two reasons: first, it has “palooza” attached to it and I have long since grown tired of that suffix; and two it is done by Fox 13, whose news coverage I have not been too happy about since they fired Nick Clooney 15 years ago (among other disagreements).

However, this provides us an opportunity to bring this issue to further light immediately, and meet other bloggers to build our network. Last week, Tyler organized a relatively successful Davis County Bloggers meeting; last summer, Ryan Money’s Utah Bloggers Conference was a great success. If you have the time, let’s use this opportunity to bring some blogger’s issues to the media’s attention. At the same time, we can get to know each other better and grow our netroots community in Salt Lake.

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