Friday, March 2, 2007

Blog-a-palooza: Should have known it would be a DC

So the Fox 13 Blog-a-palooza was a complete joke. It was mostly Fox's web team, a few reporters, and their families. Much of the discussion was how cool was compared to the previous site. I admit that it is a vast improvement over their previous crapfest of a website, but it's nothing revolutionary. It appears every Fox station across the nation has a myfox_____ website, and therefore lacks the personal feel that KSL's website has captured.

To me, our market's websites rank:

  1. KSL--Without the horrible commenters, it would still be a good site because of the speed of posting and easy video access. Its great archives make it useful for research also.
  2. KUED--The sheer volume of free video, transcripts, and other features make it worthwhile.
  3. KSTU--It's good that they're trying.
  4. KUTV--Takes too long to load anything and they have very little of their previous stories online.
  5. KBYU--A good website if you want to find devotional talks.
  6. KTVX--As with everything else, they are just treading water until a new owner shows up.

The problem with tonight's event was that it was horribly publicized. Nobody in Utah's blogging community knew about it. A quick Technorati and Google Blogsearch found my post, another myspace post from a girl in Magna, and (here's a shocker) a bunch of posts from Milwaukee and St. Louis about their Fox affiliate events. It seems like those two affiliates somewhat tried to get actual bloggers on board with the events. Here it seems all they did was announce it on their blog on Feb. 16, but didn't try to announce it on any others. My opinion: they overestimated the number of people who watched or blogged on their website.

I believe in having events like these, but they should be well done, well publicized, and appealing to the broad blogging community.

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Voice of Utah said...

I hadn't heard anything about it until I saw your blog post when I got home from work (about 9 o'clock, too late anyway). I agree with you; if you're trying to get bloggers together, get the word out to bloggers. I would love to have a get together, particularly of the political bloggers.