Friday, March 2, 2007

Romney and Coulter Endorse Each Other

I was disgusted to find today that Gov. Romney sold his soul to the Conservative base by endorsing Ann Coulter today, saying it is "a good thing" to hear from her--"Oh Yeah!"

Any google search will find that Ms. Coulter claims to be act in the name of polemicism, but she is not. Her activities do not drive forward an ethical debate; she has no ethics so she debates solely on prejudice and pure hate.

The fact that Governor Romney endorsed her, and then she subsequently endorsed him, has transformed my opinion of him. Previously, I have had a mild disdain and annoyance; now I feel utter contempt. I will now be actively campaigning against him at every opportunity. I do not believe our President should be a bigot or knowingly endorse the rhetoric of acknowledged bigots.

I am even more upset because I believe Governor Romney has now betrayed his faith. As a Latter-day Saint, I am commanded to love one another, including my enemies. Romney has admitted that he believes that it is a good thing to expose yourself to someone who hates her enemies. That is not Christlike, in my opinion. I do not claim to be Christlike in all my actions, but I will never commit the sin of endorsing hatred and bigotry.

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