Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday Talk Show Highlights: Break Up the Vanocur Group

As with most things at KTVX these days, the Vanocur Group is in a poor state. Today’s episode was merely the (opposite of) icing on the cake. Nobody disagreed with each other except on lobbying; even then, there was no real insight offered as to why things happened at the legislature or how people should interpret the events.

I have long been upset at the content on the Vanocur Group. For most of last year, they seemed overly focused on the national electoral scene and wholly unwilling to discuss any of the state or local races. By doing so, they looked like a single A minor league team trying to figure out how the major leaguers play, and it made them look bad. I was hoping things would get better when Kirk Jowers, Director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics, was added, but he seemed excluded from the conversations and has not been on the show recently.

I am going to sound selfish in saying this, but the Vanocur group does not speak to my demographic of young people who are involved in politics. I want to have vibrant discussion, but I want it from individuals I can respect, trust, and count on for thoughtful local news commentary. While some members of the Vanocur group can fit one of those criteria, none of them currently embody all of them. Utah Now is working toward that, Take Two (if it still exists) is another joke, and On the Record is dying a slow, painful death.

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