Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mormon on Politics: aka Moron Outside Reality

I have on my Sage reader a bookmark for a blog called Mormon on Politics. I don't know why I ever knew about him. I guess he somehow remarked about the US Senate race in 2006 and I found him in a blog search. In any event, he has to be the worst blogger in the Utah blogosphere. I challenge anyone to read his blog and wonder what kind of reality he lives in. Take his recent post for example, which compared Nancy Pelosi and the DNC to Venezuela and Chavez' decision to clampdown on opposition media. He cites a press release from the Venezuelan Embassy as evidence that Pelosi agrees with Chavez. However, if he would have actually read Speaker Pelosi's actual press release on the issue, he would have found that she does not.
If you wish to know what idiocy truly is, read a few of his posts that I have commented on. Then perhaps read his complete flip-flop on Mitt Romney (after condemning Romney for flip-flopping).
After a night of thinking about this, I have to say my feelings have not changed. I don't really like to call out bloggers for no reason, and I have made mistakes. However, I think it is clear that MOP is operating in talking-points land, relying on zero factual evidence, and sometimes lies. Not good for someone who labels himself as a Mormon. I am not all that good, either, but for other reasons.


Jeremy said...

Hilarious. It is too bad that your friend represents so many others in our state in the way he doesn't actually think his own positions through.

I have a conservative blog that I've been following much like you have been on this guy. The main poster is very prolific and a relatively good writer but he is so sold on the fact that his ideology and his party are right that he sometimes says some really idiotic things. Here's my favorite of late. Check out the comment thread on the post too.

I think these Utahns who internalize their conservative political beliefs to the same degree they have their religion are kinda creepy.

bekkieann said...

I have to agree with you and with Jeremy on this. Occasionally one of these ditto heads will leave a radical comment on my blog.

"Mormon on Politics" needs to work on his grammar and vocabulary, too. But I will commend him for his April 30th post regarding the problem of depression among Mormon women. I think he handled the topic well.