Monday, May 21, 2007

Why I Think Game 1 Wasn't That Bad

I think the Jazz learned a lot of lessons in Game 1, and could do better in Game 2 onward. That doesn't mean I think they will win the series; my prediction is that the Spurs win 4-1, 4-2 at best. The Spurs are a fairly complete team, with every player complementing each other and stepping up where others sometimes fail. You can't just cover Duncan because that leaves Parker open; when Ginobli comes off the bench, problems increase several fold. Even down the bench to Jacque Vaughn, Oberto, and others can step it up.
The Jazz are almost there, but they are all less inexperienced, and a few players are fairly useless. I am hopeful based on just one surprising performance yesterday: Araujo. I thought he performed fairly well against Duncan, and only made the stupid blocking foul against Ginobli. If the Jazz prepare him better for Tuesday's game, he could be the difference-maker that Boozer, Okur, Collins, and others cannot be. Now the Jazz just need better match-ups against everyone else on the Spurs.

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