Friday, August 31, 2007

What I've Been Saying All Along

Eric Jacobson gives more PROOF to what I have been writing about since January: vouchers have not been proven to do anything. Of course, peer-reviewed, repeatedly proven, intelligently written, multiple and uniform methodologies, statistically-significant studies mean nothing when economic ideology is at risk.
h/t Education in Utah (thanks Natalie!)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vouchers Will NOT Equal Mormon Private Schools

For anyone laboring under the delusion that if Utah adopts school vouchers, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will institute a Catholic-like system of private schools, I offer the following evidence.

Mormons admit closure of Church College [of New Zealand] will be a loss

“The only Mormon school in New Zealand is closing because leaders say the church's resources could be better used elsewhere…

“United States-based Elder Paul Johnson told the Herald it was decided to close the school because New Zealand's education system was "one of the strongest in the world".

“Church resources would be better directed into teaching programmes in other regions, such as Africa and developing Europe.

“Elder Johnson and Elder Rolfe Kerr are visiting New Zealand this week, and last night broke the news to parents, staff and pupils.

It is Mormon policy to close schools in areas where there is quality local education, Elder Kerr said.”

If the Church is closing their private schools in New Zealand, why would they take tithing to build expensive private schools in Utah?

Friday, August 17, 2007

SHOCKING!!! or Vouchers: When You Have No Proof, Just Lie

I have written before about how voucher supporters, through their officially organized PAC, Parent for Choice in Education, used polling techniques verging on push polling to make the false case that Utahns wanted their tax dollars going to private schools. If I was at home at the time I am writing this, I would post the poll they posted on their website earlier this year that accompanied this press release; I will try and post it tomorrow. I thought that was a biased poll then.
Now, to my complete surprise and shock (sadly blogging doesn't convey sarcasm easily), we hear of PCE admitting to push polling. I guess when have no proof that vouchers work, the majority of Utahns don't want them, and you have enough money, you can lie, gay-bait, liberal-bait, etc. in the hope that you can dupe (and dupe is the word) into voting for vouchers. I have learned in politics to avoid superlatives, but I hope that the tide is changing and Utahns are rejecting homophobes and liars in politics.

Here's Accountability, Adam, Bob, Oldenberg, Derek, and Jeremy's takes on the dirty tricks. A quick Google Blogsearch couldn't turn up anybody defending this despicable tactic; that's even more shocking.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Davis County Tax Cut: You Get What You Vote For

Reading this editorial in the Standard Examiner (h/t Davis County Watch), I cannot help but grimace. As a Democrat in Davis County, I have watched the populace get all worked up over the delusion that a County Commission totally composed of Republicans would not blink at raising taxes, raising fees, and otherwise screwing the public. I have watched the populace get all worked up over a county full of Republican legislators enacting unfunded mandates upon school districts while whining about unfunded mandates from the Federal government (which the Republicans at the Federal level all voted for, also). I have also watched the majority of this same populace labor under the totally unfounded delusion that simply replacing one Republican at convention will change things. So far this public is 0-3 commissioners, and definitely down in the count when it comes to legislators.
What makes me upset is the fact that Democratic candidates have been the ones who have pledged to not raise county taxes, have wanted to have commission meetings during the evening instead of one fruitless sounding board hearing (I would include a link to Chris Martinez' statement about this, but it must have been in his brochure and not on his website), and who have opposed unfunded mandates on the state and federal level. I will keep fighting to change those attitudes, to get people to wake up from this hallucination, and get some diversity of opinion in county government. Until then, county voters have no one to blame but themselves.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Another reason to oppose vouchers, if I have left any out

ClipperWatch: No Real News for You!

Long break from blogging, but I needed to write about a recent news item. It was this front page, above the fold, banner headline story in the most recent Davis County Clipper:

It was rather disgusting to read this story, but I could not pull away. Forget deeper investigations on the county's tax hike! Bountiful is considering adopting a recycling program, you say? Let's give them a little blurb. But one self-righteous douchebag gets uppity about ONE band practice on ONE Sunday when HE chose to live near a junior high with a large, open practice field! And that band wore swimsuits when it was only 97 degrees outside! Why should they make any attempt to stay cool! What nerve! What an outrage! The public must know every idiotic detail!

Is anyone else completely sickened by the complete joke the entire Clipper has become? It seems like they don't even try to get real news. My home has received two readership survey phone calls from the Clipper, but of course nothing changes. I am looking for any reason to keep subscribing; if anyone has one, let me know.