Friday, August 3, 2007

ClipperWatch: No Real News for You!

Long break from blogging, but I needed to write about a recent news item. It was this front page, above the fold, banner headline story in the most recent Davis County Clipper:

It was rather disgusting to read this story, but I could not pull away. Forget deeper investigations on the county's tax hike! Bountiful is considering adopting a recycling program, you say? Let's give them a little blurb. But one self-righteous douchebag gets uppity about ONE band practice on ONE Sunday when HE chose to live near a junior high with a large, open practice field! And that band wore swimsuits when it was only 97 degrees outside! Why should they make any attempt to stay cool! What nerve! What an outrage! The public must know every idiotic detail!

Is anyone else completely sickened by the complete joke the entire Clipper has become? It seems like they don't even try to get real news. My home has received two readership survey phone calls from the Clipper, but of course nothing changes. I am looking for any reason to keep subscribing; if anyone has one, let me know.


Nick said...

As someone who works for the Clipper, I couldn't believe this was even in the paper myself, much less on the front page!

Here's my take on it as well.

Andy Ellwood said...

Hey man, you have to check out tonight. They are hosting the most interactive political event to date and anyone can be a part of it! I can't believe that the Salt Lake City mayoral candidates are willing to actually go one on one with unedited voters!