Friday, August 17, 2007

SHOCKING!!! or Vouchers: When You Have No Proof, Just Lie

I have written before about how voucher supporters, through their officially organized PAC, Parent for Choice in Education, used polling techniques verging on push polling to make the false case that Utahns wanted their tax dollars going to private schools. If I was at home at the time I am writing this, I would post the poll they posted on their website earlier this year that accompanied this press release; I will try and post it tomorrow. I thought that was a biased poll then.
Now, to my complete surprise and shock (sadly blogging doesn't convey sarcasm easily), we hear of PCE admitting to push polling. I guess when have no proof that vouchers work, the majority of Utahns don't want them, and you have enough money, you can lie, gay-bait, liberal-bait, etc. in the hope that you can dupe (and dupe is the word) into voting for vouchers. I have learned in politics to avoid superlatives, but I hope that the tide is changing and Utahns are rejecting homophobes and liars in politics.

Here's Accountability, Adam, Bob, Oldenberg, Derek, and Jeremy's takes on the dirty tricks. A quick Google Blogsearch couldn't turn up anybody defending this despicable tactic; that's even more shocking.


Jesse Harris said...

The silence is because most of the pro side is embarrassed by having PCE anywhere near us. I wish they'd just shut up and sit on the sidelines.

Curtis said...

Here is the flaw in your logic.

I hear that those filthy liberals like those non-traditional lifestyles.

The Utah Legislature consists of God-fearing conservatives.

The Utah Legislature passed vouchers.

Therefore anyone opposed to vouchers are all filthy liberals who like non-traditional lifestyles.


Referendum One said...

I hope you'll keep following this issue and let us know how folks in Davis feel about it. I've been digging into more research and learned more than I expected about who's funding this business. Hope you'll look at it and send any links to the topic: