Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vouchers Will NOT Equal Mormon Private Schools

For anyone laboring under the delusion that if Utah adopts school vouchers, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will institute a Catholic-like system of private schools, I offer the following evidence.

Mormons admit closure of Church College [of New Zealand] will be a loss

“The only Mormon school in New Zealand is closing because leaders say the church's resources could be better used elsewhere…

“United States-based Elder Paul Johnson told the Herald it was decided to close the school because New Zealand's education system was "one of the strongest in the world".

“Church resources would be better directed into teaching programmes in other regions, such as Africa and developing Europe.

“Elder Johnson and Elder Rolfe Kerr are visiting New Zealand this week, and last night broke the news to parents, staff and pupils.

It is Mormon policy to close schools in areas where there is quality local education, Elder Kerr said.”

If the Church is closing their private schools in New Zealand, why would they take tithing to build expensive private schools in Utah?


Tyler Farrer said...

Do you know anyone operating under that delusion? I haven't thought of this before.

Then again, it makes no difference in the voucher debate we're facing.

As an aside, I wonder what impact closing the Church College will have on the folks there. I knew a bunch that attended. It has quite a history and tradition.

Anonymous said...

Every public junior and senior high school in Utah has an LDS seminary building located right next door. The LDS church doesn't need to have its own school system. The public school structure already allows LDS children to have an hour of religious training every day.

Vouchers aren't about teaching religion or helping poor children. They are about getting our tax dollars to subsidize new private business start-up schools so they can make a profit. Right now, our public schools are the best bang for the buck and these businesses can't compete and still make money without outrageous tuition or our tax money to defray their costs.