Friday, August 31, 2007

What I've Been Saying All Along

Eric Jacobson gives more PROOF to what I have been writing about since January: vouchers have not been proven to do anything. Of course, peer-reviewed, repeatedly proven, intelligently written, multiple and uniform methodologies, statistically-significant studies mean nothing when economic ideology is at risk.
h/t Education in Utah (thanks Natalie!)


Referendum One said...

Even worse than the news from that study -- which people have been reporting for a long time, I understand -- is that now the sponsors of the voucher bill are extorting service and financial support from lobbyists and organizations who had nothing to do with the bill, in order to get it passed in November.

Jason Bourne said...

We have a failing public school system which continues to suck down more and more money while delivering less in terms of well educated graduates.

We continue to fall behind the rest of the world in both the quality of our educational output and the quantity.

Tanya Clay House of the ultra-liberal People for the American Way recently declared, "We've never seen a shred of credible evidence that shows school vouchers actually help students learn. While all public schools must demonstrate success under No Child Left Behind, private schools are not held to the same level of accountability for their performance."

But lets ask the question another way, speaking of those same shreds of evidence, we've not seen many that point to those now in charge of that public school system having the ability to turn that around. In fact, there seems to be more evidence than not that they're incapable of doing so.

So the question becomes how competition could be any worse than monopoly? How could allowing the consumer of the education product to choose that which they find to best fill their own childrens needs be any worse than the arbitrary standards and needs of the monopoly?

From the side of the political spectrum which claims to be for "choice" this should be an issue for which they are fighting for the choice vouchers bring, not against.

Jason Bourne