Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another example of Urq's Idiocy

WTF? Global storming?
Another example of the stupidity in our legislature. Let the rest of the world burn as long as I am right and I get another few grand from realtors, road builders, and petroleum companies.
And yes, I do agree with the first anonymous commenter on Urquhart's blog. Urquhart and others are using global warming skepticism, in spite of overwhelming evidence in favor of reality, to justify inaction on any sort of real energy and transportation reform, Utah and nationally. While the first commenter was too blind to his own cowardice in commenting anonymously, his point is valid. I agree "we will continue to be dependent on middle east oil and foreign energy in general because we have gutless cowards for politicians" and would add that many more brave American servicemen and women will die in wars, along with the rest of us who will suffer and die from pollution-related disease, because of their cowardice.
I believe most Utahns, and most Americans, would like to see America stop using foreign oil, stop paying for gasoline when renewable resources are available, and get all of our energy from renewable sources (not including NON-renewable nuclear fission, which I am also sure Urq will be in favor of given his contribution history). However, Utahns need to wake up and elect leaders to act with courage.

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