Monday, March 10, 2008

Thank Goodness: Bishop's Opponent

From the Davis Democrats Email List:

Last week I met with Rob Miller and Wayne Holland at the Utah Democrats HQ in Salt Lake City to discuss my run for the United States Congress District 1. After much discussion with friends, family, and numerous community members, I have decided to run for congress. I feel, along with some of my closest advisors that this year has the potential of making a perfect storm for change in House District 1. Some of the elements contributing to this storm are:

1. Utah Republicans are feeling abandoned by their party and flat out discriminated against by the religious right.

2. Our current congressman and the administration have ballooned the National Debt to almost $9.5 Trillion enslaving every man, woman, and child to the amount of $31,000.00 each.

3. This lack of fiscal responsibility and mis-management has led to a major economic crisis in the housing market and a tight squeeze due to inflation especially in light of $3.00 plus per gallon fuel prices.

For too many years the Republicans have taken the issues of family values, fiscal responsibility, and National security away from us. My opponent, Rob Bishop, has failed on all of these fronts while minding the store.

I intend to run an aggressive, spirited, and professional campaign designed for victory in November. I will focus on issues and the need for a major shift in direction for this Nation. My key themes will be:

Traditional Family Values

Energy Independence

Eliminating the National Debt

All three of these will resonate with Northern Utah voters this year.

This victory will not come easy however. I need your help to do two critical things. First, we need to raise an army of volunteers.

Second, we need to raise money in the six figures locally before June 1 to get the interest of National fund raising . I am working with a national fund raiser and his take is that we must be seen as a serious contender to get serious funding.

I would like to speak with you in the near future by email or phone at your convenience. I need to have lists of caucus chairs and their contact information so I can send fliers and my introductory dvd to them for the caucus. Also, if you could have them be ready with a tv and dvd player for the night of the caucus. I am preparing a 6 minute dvd for that purpose.

Will you help me with this great opportunity to create this "Perfect Storm" for real change?

I hope to speak with and meet you soon.

Morgan Bowen

Candidate for Congress Utah's 1st District

P.S. Feel free to forward this email to anyone who could help.

Morgan Bowen for Congress

Phone: 435-760-4814

About Morgan: Morgan Bowen is a forth generation descendant of Utah Pioneers. His father moved the family to the farming community of Merced, California where Morgan grew up. He has worked in the private, public, and religious sectors. For fifteen years he was CEO of an international agricultural consulting firm specializing in helping farmers reduce and eliminate toxic pesticides. Also, he was very active in political circles working to reform government. Morgan returned to his Utah roots to become a religious educator teaching at the Richmond Seminary. He holds a Associates Degree from Merced College where he served as the youngest student body president ever elected. He also has a BA in History from CSU Stanislaus, and a MS in American Studies from Utah State University. Morgan married his wife, the former Kristen Matheson, in 1988. They reside in the Cache Valley community of Hyde Park with their six children.

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RightDemocrat said...

Bowen sounds like the mainstream kind of Democrat that we need more of in Washington.